Premium Quality

Premium Quality

Our products are as highest quality grade as possible in the reconditioned range. The requirement at GOREMADEPHONE is to offer you premium reconditioned item with faultless in mind. Our team have the mission to ensure the quality of the reconditioned of your device. When you open your box, you’ll find your ready-to-use product, your accessories, and warranty certificates.

1 year warranty

We are extremely confident with our our reconditioned products in quality and functionality.  Therefore, all our reconditioned items are backed by one-year warranty to give our customers a peace in mind.  Remember to register your purchased item with IMEI number for this exclusive warranty at

40 points test

At GOREMADEPONE, we will carry out an evaluation of 40 points test for each reconditioned item. Our technicians will make sure every point are checked before the item leaves our factory, so that you will have a delightful experience when you open the box once received.



  1. Speaker
  2. Phone Speaker
  3. Battery
  4. Back Camera
  5. Front camera
  6. Flash
  7. controlling
  8. Screw Check
  9. Oxidation control
  10. Tertiary microphone recording
  1. IMEI Check
  2. Headset connection and disconnection
  3. Headphone stereo headphones
  4. Main microphone recording
  5. Barometer
  6. Promximity sensor
  7. SIM card reader
  8. Vibrator
  9. Secondary miscrophone recording
  10. Light sensor
  1. Home Button
  2. Power Button
  3. Vibrating Button
  4. Volume Buttons
  5. Connecting and disconecting USB cable
  6. USB charging
  7. USB data delivery
  8. iCloud Blocking Check
  9. Sim lock Check
  10. Jailbreak Check
  1. Touch Screen
  2. Accelerometer Check
  3. Compass Check
  4. Gyroscope
  5. Bluetooth
  6. Wifi
  7. Dialing Check
  8. Finger print unlock Check
  9. Charging Check
  10. Appearance exterior

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